Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1355 Words Oct 5th, 2015 6 Pages
Prohibition, many rednecks would argue this was one of the most unintelligent moments in American history. The same is true in this age for hipsters and marijuana, and as the saying goes history has a way of repeating itself. Then there were speakeasies and bootleggers, today there is trap houses and drug dealers. Crime spread to all time highs in the 1920s introducing gangsters such as Al Capone. In time America finally wised up, corrected their mistakes and ended Prohibition. America realized the misconceptions they had made about alcohol and started to find a way to control this substance. Controlling this substance proved to be a great success, then and now. America still reaps the benefits of the decision it made to end Prohibition. Using that same strategy America could reap an even greater reward from Marijuana. At the end of the day, The American government needs to legalize Marijuana in all states.
“Weed is the devil” is a response anyone would get from Bobby Bushay’s momma if one asked her about the drug. Also, many people today would say something along those lines simply because, like momma Bushay they bought into misconceptions and lies about the drug. It is extremely easy to do so, the word drug itself is a deterrent and carries a negative preconceived notion with it and anything it is attached to. Also it is very common in all societies to place the blame on something or someone else, especially in cases that involve drugs. It is true that drugs, including…

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