Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

947 Words Mar 9th, 2015 4 Pages
A definition of a gateway drug is a drug that could possibly lead to the use of other addictive drugs (Merriam Webster). For example, the use of marijuana or prescription medication could lead the user into using heroin or ecstasy, just to feel a more effective and long lasting “high” feeling. Majority of the time when people try recreational drugs, they try drugs such as marijuana. Rarely do they try heroin or cocaine first. The main theory of gateway drug is basically the use of substances with little effects are more likely to begin using more harmful, yet illegal drugs. There are three types of drugs, which are considered to be gateway drugs. They are tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. One reason why they are considered to be gateway drug is because they are easily accessible, within the community. Alcohol and tobacco are sold at stores and could easily be attainable by a minor with just the help of a person of age. On the other hand, marijuana could be found on the streets, just by asking the right person. Another reason is because they are not expensive and anybody can purchase them and have sufficient amount for just a low price. The last reason is because they are supposed to help relax or escape the problems or stress and avoids all unwanted problems or situations. So the more stress or problems the person is having, the more drugs and effectiveness or side effects, they will take. Basically, making the situation worse, rather than helping (Narconon). Although…

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