Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

2235 Words Aug 24th, 2014 9 Pages
Medical Marijuana is legal in 23 states and Washington D.C. It is still considered in the United States federal offense to grow, sell, or even purchase marijuana. It has been around the world for many years to treat a wide variety of ailments spiritual and recreational purposes. Marijuana is known as Cannabis sativa. It is used in many ways and estimated that marijuana contains 460 active chemicals. This means the concentration of different ingredients varies from plant to plant, and will also differ depending on where the plants were grown. This herbal plant should be legalized in the United States because it will save taxpayers money, reduce drug related crimes, and relieve suffering of many terminally ill people. The legalization of marijuana has been debated within the American Society and Government. Decriminalizing marijuana would financially and medically improve America’s 75-year prohibition that’s restricted recreational use and has cost the government billions of dollars. Marijuana use has been seen since the beginning of human history but not until 1937 did government prohibit the distribution and use of the drug with the Marijuana Tax Act. The use of marijuana seized slightly up until the 1960’s when the hippie movement made the drug more popular and supporters of legalization began to speak out. Since then there has been a substantial increase in the support for marijuana legalization in the United States. There have been solutions offered to help better…

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