Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1104 Words Nov 6th, 2015 null Page
I am writing to express my frustration on why marijuana is still illegal for even medical purposes while teh states around us are having huge profit on making marijuana legal.It helps with chemotherapy, Crohn 's disease, weight loss, HIV or nerve pain, and more. However it will be be better if it is full legalized with some restriction with it. Like Colorado has legalized Marijuana and have been profiting seen then, as the tax revenue has been used to a positive purpose; building schools, since then even the crime rate and accident rates have gone down, and lastly Colorado gets tax revenue of over $40 billion. Colorado 's having a lot of benefits based on keeping marijuana legalized and all their money is going towards education, as well as It Is not only making profits on the tax revenue but also having great success on using the marijuana for medical purposes. Having marijuana legalized is over beneficial not only for the profits but also in the criminal world because since in Colorado Have legalized marijuana the crime rates have really going down and if you do the same thing in Pennsylvania the crime rate will also go down not only helping the police but also helping the lives of the citizens. Legalizing marijuana has a lot of good advantages with it for example all the money that is collected by the tax revenue can go to were the good deed for example make an indication better or having food for the homeless once a week or something that will help the community in…

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