Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essays

856 Words Apr 29th, 2016 4 Pages
The legalization of Marijuana for recreation or medical usage has been a long argument for a long time. Many states have and are thinking about allowing a bill to be passed for allowing the use of medical marijuana purposes. There is one state that has made it legal for all use and that is the state of Colorado. To legalize marijuana in states for medical purposes could be one of the best things for people in the United States. To use marijuana for medical reason would be a lot less harmful to one’s body than taking all those different forms of the prescription 's that are handed out through from different pharmacy and manufactures. The taxing of legalized marijuana would be beneficial to the government due to it would bring in an excessive amount of funds which could be used for other important funding areas. Marijuana should be legalized, but only for medicinal purposes. Marijuana can be used as for medicine because it helps give appetites and give relief from upset stomachs to people who are suffering from cancer and other diseases. People should be able to be free of pain that are caused from illness that marijuana can ease. The greatest beneficiaries are patients experiencing debilitating illnesses such as the ones mentioned above. “Debilitating illness includes AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) caused by HIV, cancer, and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).Netzley, Patricia D. (2014) The potency of THC compound found in cannabis in pain…

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