Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana should be legalized! Well, at least, medically speaking. Marijuana besides giving you the munchies, it also has many health benefits. Now, I am not just saying this because I want to legally get high. Truth be told I have never tried marijuana and probably would never because I like being in control of myself and feeling like I have control of what goes on around me. The only reason I can see myself using marijuana is if I had a serious health reason. A good reason to legalize marijuana is all of our taxpayers’ money going to hunt these “so called” criminals down and they are just using it to feel normal again. I really think this is sad. We could be using that money for something more worthwhile like hunting drug dealers of harder substances or giving more funding to schools and nursing homes. I read somewhere we spend over $500,000 a year on just catching and sentencing these people. On other drugs we only spend about $50,000.

Marijuana can help patients with physical illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS, by reducing or relieving pain. Here is a study I found interesting that sheds some insight on the subject of marijuana and pain relief. “Abrams and his colleagues studied 21 chronic pain patients in the inpatient Clinical and Transitional Science Institute’s Clinical Research Center at SFGH: 10 on sustained-release morphine and 11 on oxycodone. After obtaining opiate levels from patients at the start of the study,…

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