Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1364 Words Mar 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Just say no,” was a popular slogan when I was growing up. Throughout the 1980’s President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy created a powerful anti-drug campaign that used images like an egg representing a brain, and an egg frying for a brain on drugs. As a kid I couldn’t watch Saturday morning cartoons without being bombarded with anti-drug advertisements. Today kids get a different kind of message, not all drugs are bad regardless of the law. They are getting this message through the current fight to legalize marijuana within the United States. The last three presidents that were voted into office all admitted to at least trying marijuana, even though it is illegal. There are educated people standing in the spotlight fighting for people to be able to freely use marijuana, yet the federal government will not stand down. This is not only a dangerous message we are sending to young people, but to people in general. Without marijuana being federally legalized, proper medical testing cannot be conducted. This is a dangerous thread the medical community is weaving. Doctors in twenty-three states are now able to medically prescribe a drug that they know very little about. The risks and benefits need to be studied extensively to insure safe use. The federal government has two options at this point, one is to stand down and legalize it, or start conducting extensive research that without a doubt proves that marijuana has absolutely no medical benefits and only negative…

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