Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Marijuana is a drug that comes from the cannabis plant. In most of the countries in the world, marijuana is an illegal drug. It is frequently used in the world despite the harsh laws against it.
After rigorous research of the drug, scientists have found that it has components in it that can be used in cancer and HIV/AIDS treatment. Consequently, 22 states in the U.S have passed legislation legalizing marijuana for medical use only. The legislation process received both opposition and support from politicians, scientists and citizens. Regardless of all the opposition , Legalization of marijuana slipped the legislature in 22 states with more states gearing up to accept bills in favor of marijuana.
Legalization of marijuana has come with different challenges. The apprehension of criminals hiding behind the state laws and trafficking came first and caused a difference between state and federal laws on marijuana. There is regulation on who can use the drug and how to access the drug.
There are different consequences that come with legalization of marijuana. The public health is affected primarily by this new law. The use of marijuana has pros it’s and cons in regards to public health. The positives of the drug are; its ability to reduce pain and nausea to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients, it is less toxic, boosts HIV/AIDS patient immune system and that the use of the drugs has minimal health risk. Among the cons of marijuana are; addiction and withdrawal symptoms in case the…

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