Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1005 Words Mar 30th, 2015 null Page
Legalization of marijuana has been a long issue standing in The US for hundreds of years. The origin of marijuana can date back as far as 6500 years ago. Marijuana is a plant, also known as cannabis, when it’s grown, it produces butt that create a substance known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis can also be hemp. So what is hemp? A hemp is the most durable natural soft fiber on the face of this plant. Hemp can be used to produce a rope that is one of the strongest known ropes to the mankind, and can also produce paper. Marijuana has been a huge part of our history, it was used by Chinese for its healing proprieties, and in American history. In 1611 Jamestown settler brought the plant to North America, and the first marijuana law U.S was passed by the Virginia assembly. It complied every farmer to grow marijuana, because hemp was seen strategically important. It had thousands of uses and products. It was used to make fabric, lighting oil, medicine, paper and fiber. A number of funding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would grow marijuana for its medicinal purposes. Benjamin Franklin used it to start one of America first paper mills, the first two copies of the declaration of independence were written on cannabis hemp paper. Cannabis and hemp were one of the first plants grown in agriculture. 50% of the medical market in the last half of the 19th century were made from cannabis. In fact, growing marijuana was not only legal, it just happens to…

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