Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Since marijuana was introduced into the United States society, social factors have played an important role in its status change. While some social factors made it illegal at the first place, others make it remains illegal today. During 1910 to 1911, the Mexican Revolution brought waves of Mexican immigrants into southwestern part of the United States, along with their herbs. As the use of marijuana is widely spread among these Mexican immigrants, many early prejudices against marijuana were merged from the racism towards minority immigrants. Also at that time because media frequently blamed Mexican immigrants for smoking marijuana, remaining unemployed and conducting crimes and related these things together, the public generated more negative attitudes towards marijuana use. Another important force behind marijuana illegalization was the cotton businessmen. Since American law never clearly distinguished the differences between hemp and marijuana at that time and the hemp was the major competitor of cotton in synthetic fibers industry, those businessmen began to use their power to suppress the hemp industry as well as marijuana possession. As a result, twenty-nine states outlawed the plant by 1931. (Barney 429) Now the same controversial topic, gay marriage, achieved the nationwide legalization, many people start to reconsider the legal status of marijuana. However, there are still several social problems remain unsolved today, which may serve to explain why marijuana…

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