Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1507 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Specific purpose: To persuade the audience to side with me on why legalizing marijuana should happen.
I. Attention step: A. How many of you think marijuana is dangerous? Now, how many of you think marijuana should be legalized? Well, according to a poll done by CBS News, they found out that most Americans, at 56% believe marijuana should be legalized (Lee, 2016). This is the highest it’s ever been and it’s an increase from last year. B. With the highest percentage of Americans ever, believing marijuana should be legal, all of you should listen and pay close attention because the hot issue of legalizing marijuana as well as other issues such as education and minimum wage will be on the 2016 ballot in California this November. This is also important because it affects you, me, and everyone else in this country. The reason why is because police departments across our nation are spending more time arresting and booking people for possessing marijuana instead of looking for violent criminals on the streets which then leads to a billions of dollars wasted by taxpayers. C. I feel I am qualified to speak about this topic because not only do I have friends with medical marijuana cards who teach me a lot about marijuana and how dispensaries work, but I also have spoken with a specialist on marijuana at Compassionate Harvest medical clinic here in San Marcos about marijuana and the government, so I believe I have a good grip on the overall issue of…

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