Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Throughout history, the cannabis plant has been used medically, recreationally, and spiritually around the world. In recent years there have been many changes surrounding the laws on marijuana within the United States and due to recent recreational legalization of marijuana in two states, support for cannabis legalization is increasing in the U.S(CITE). The controversial debate on the advantages and disadvantages of such legislation continues.
To begin examining the ongoing controversy of legalizing marijuana it is important to know the history of the issue. According to the textbook, marijuana is the preparation of a leafy material from the cannabis plant and has three separate species, Cannabis sativa, C.indica, and C.ruderalis (Hart, 2009, p. 365-366). The primary psychoactive agent within cannabis is known as delta-9-tetrehydrocannnbinol or THC. THC is concentrated in the resin of cannabis and the psychoactive potency depends on the amount of resin present, which varies on the part of the plant that is utilized (Hart, 2009, p. 366).
In 2737 BC, Chinese emperor Shen Nung referred to cannabis and recommended it for some medicinal purposes and by 1000 AD, social use of the plant spread to North Africa and the Muslim world (Hart, 2009, p. 368). In the 1830s and 1840s, agents such as opium and hashish gained popularity (Hart, 2009, p.368). Hashish, or hasheesh, in its purest form is pure resin. (Hart, 2009, p.366). Hashish is rare within the United States (Hart, 2009, p.…

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