Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay example

1671 Words Dec 14th, 2015 7 Pages
Imagine having to sneak around to do something and having to worry about getting caught. It makes you paranoid and fearful. Or worse trying something just because it 's illegal draws your attention to why it 's not allowed for everyone to use it. This is what the prohibition of drugs feels like for most drug users. They might not even be getting hurt because of drugs, yet they aren 't allowed to use them. Drugs have always been a huge problem not only in America but everywhere. When people talk about drugs they usually point out all the bad it does for one 's health. There are many ways that legalizing drugs could help everyone. Legalizing drugs not only would provide more education about drugs, but reduce the risk of obtaining “laced” or “cut” drugs, lessen prison overcrowding, and get rid of most of the black market. Many people think that legalizing drugs will just cause people more problems and be harmful. However, if drugs were to become legal, it would educate people on these drugs and the effects. One way it would educate others is because they would come with a warning label and instructions on how to ingest the drug (10 Reasons...). Many people take drugs without knowing what it will do to their body. This is a bad thing because I am sure many would back down if they actually knew the facts about the effects of drugs. People won 't go around asking others questions about drugs though, because of fear that they might tell on them. Without asking and knowing…

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