Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1004 Words Oct 21st, 2015 5 Pages
For years debt ridden States have struggled with maintaining healthy budgets that provide money for schools, public recreation areas, and elderly care. Even with funding coming through the federal government, having money to support communities has become a challenge even with high taxes. So what’s the solution? Legalize Cannabis Sativa also known as Marijuana. With Colorado, Washington and Oregon state budgets filled from Marijuana sales, more States are now pushing to legalize Marijuana for it’s economic benefits and while more opposition groups are pushing to keep Marijuana illegal because of it’s health risks. After World War 1, The United States began emerging as a global power. With it a strong economy and high quality of life. Many poor Mexicans were attracted to the US lifestyle and immigrated to the land of the free. They brought their customs, culture and home remedies, most notably; marijuana. However, many Americans did not know that Marijuana was Cannabis Sativa and was already in use in millions of American homes mostly medically. Fearing Marijuana turned immigrants into dangerous criminals, Marijuana and its cousin Hemp were declared illegal in 1937 and the law was further strengthened during the Nixon’s war on drugs in the 1970’s. With today’s economy, State debts vary, but it is well known that the Baby Boomer generation was irresponsible with managing government money that the United States is now 18 trillion dollars debt, leaving future generations with…

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