Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essays

1645 Words Nov 18th, 2014 null Page
Marijuana is federally labeled a schedule one drug, meaning that it is illegal under any circumstances and that it has no medical benefits. However, marijuana is still widely used by many Americans; in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll (2013): “38% [of Americans] Have Tried Marijuana,” needless to say that this percentage could be considerably higher because the information is self reported (Saad 2013). States are now taking action to legalize marijuana for medical use and a few states have even legalized it for recreational use: twenty- three states have legalized marijuana in some form (medical reasons) and four states have legalized it for recreational use. Still, marijuana is classified illegal under federal law and this establishes a black market for it; the market is responsible for taking thousands of lives annually. The war on drugs is very expensive —the U.S. annually spends more than fifty–one million dollars battling the war and also paying for its implications, such as incarceration (The Drug Policy Alliance 2014). Cannabis is not nearly as adverse as tobacco or alcohol and legalizing it across the United States would end the war on marijuana and this would bring many benefits to the nation. Marijuana is illegally transported into the United States through different countries, but Mexico is a prominent contributor. Marijuana is only one of multiple drugs smuggled into the country by drug cartels, but it undoubtedly creates an immense revenue, and to…

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