Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1742 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Legalization of marijuana is one of most hotly debated topics in America today. With so much controversy surrounding marijuana use, it is going to continue to be a debated topic. But the question that should be answered is how bad would legalizing marijuana be? Already the use of marijuana is becoming more and more common, even in the places that it is banned. With special medical products developed from the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, medical marijuana is becoming more popular because it can take the place of expensive pain killers and other medications. Unfortunately though the line between medical and recreational use can get a little hazy. Even with recreational legalization, there are many benefits to it. Although marijuana has a strong taboo surrounding it, the history of marijuana and the facts of its many uses and positive effects can challenge that taboo and promote change.
Over the last one hundred years, many efforts have been made to outlaw or ban marijuana from recreational and/or medicinal use. Often this fear of marijuana use is combined with fear of certain immigrant or minority groups who may use marijuana as part of their cultural practices. After the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Mexicans immigrated into the United States in larger numbers and introduced Americans to the recreational use of marijuana. There was a growing movement against intoxicating substances at this time according to Stephen Siff in “Legalization of Marijuana: A Brief History”…

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