Essay Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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On January 1, 2014, three dozen stores across Colorado opened their doors to the public. They were not selling food or hardware tools, but rather marijuana. As a result of a 2012 initiative passed by 55 percent of voting Coloradans, adults who are 21 or older with a valid Colorado ID could use marijuana recreationally. They could get the drug by buying up to an ounce of marijuana from a licensed dealer, owning up to six plants in a private locked space or being gifted up to one ounce from someone of legal age.
Colorado is not alone in its pro-cannabis attitude. On the same day Coloradoans chose to legalize marijuana, the people of Washington state approved a similar measure. In late July of this year, The New York Times began a series of editorials explaining why marijuana should be legalized, even comparing the federal government’s current attitude towards marijuana to its reaction to alcohol during Prohibition.
Even the general population has warmed up to legalization. In a February 2014 poll conducted by Pew Research, 54 percent of Americans said that marijuana should be legal to use, with only 42 percent saying the drug should remain illegal.
In the same spirit of these states, The New York Times and the American public, I, a person who has never smoked the stuff, believe that it is time for the federal government to loosen its grasp on marijuana and instead leave decisions regarding the plant to the states. In this situation, each state should support the recreational…

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