Essay about Should Marijuana Really Be Illegal in America?

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Should Marijuana really be illegal in America?
Marijuana, also known as cannabis, has been around for ages. The earliest known use of cannabis dates back to the Stone Age in Asia. During the Neolithic Era, when the development of agriculture came about, the ancient Asian nomads discovered how to grow the plant and began to harvest it. It became much more common to people once they started farming because it grew wildly. “…some 10,000 years ago, nomadic groups scavenged, hunted, fished, and gathered plants in an unending search for food. The search ended when they learned to plant the native grains (grasses) and developed agriculture. Agriculture requires a commitment to the land and grants a steady food supply which enables people to
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“It was also important as a food plant and was originally considered one of China’s five cereal grains.”(Leah Spicer) Later, when the process of extraction was discovered, the Chinese began to realize the medicinal potential of cannabis. They discovered that the oils from the cannabis plant caused psychoactive effects on the brain. Once this was became known, the Chinese started to use to use marijuana for their medical practice. “It was used in cases involving menstrual fatigue, gout, rheumatism, malaria, constipation, and absentmindedness, and to anaesthetize patients during surgical operations.”(Leah Spicer) From China, the news of the cannabis plant and its many great uses inevitably began to spread across the globe. As a result, many different cultures became instilled with the marijuana plant.

Cannabis became a huge sensation in India. Indians in India began to use marijuana every day of their lives. They implemented it in many aspects of their culture. “Cannabis has always been a customary part of life in India, and was “intimately associated with magical, medical, religious, and social customs in India for thousands of years.” This may partially be due to India’s semi-arid climate, perfect for growing an abundance of cannabis.”(Leah Spicer) India’s climate and soil properties

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