Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

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Analysis of Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal in Florida

In an article” Should Medical Marijuana be legal in Florida?” Professor J.J Colagrande, argues the state of Florida should pass a bill to legalize marijuana. Colagrande writes on how beneficial legalizing marijuana will be to the people of the state of Florida, and he is claiming that marijuana has never killed anyone. In addition Cologrande is using compassionate tone in this paragraph by saying “You’d have to be inhumane to not have empathy for people battling severe diseases, like epilepsy or cancer “(Cologrande). This example is expressing an emotion and creates a sad feeling towards the audience to vote for the bill to pass. It is clear that Professor Colagrande is 100% in favor of legalizing marijuana. The author gives us many reasons why marijuana is good and helpful. He speaks on how people with severe diseases can benefit from it by being able to manage their pain. In his third paragraph, the author says that “marijuana does no harm to anyone.” He disagrees with the current laws in place about marijuana, as he feels that they are too harsh for the people. Colagrande believes that the marijuana law should pass because he believes that it does not cause damage but helps the people of Florida. He’s cogent people by giving these statements. In this article, Professor Colagrande uses facts statements to convince people to support the legalization of marijuana in the state of Florida. Plus, he uses…

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