Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

821 Words May 27th, 2016 4 Pages
According to the Gonzalez vs. Raich case, this case was one that brought upon numerous questions to the citizens in California. While both of the parties had distinctive arguments, there was always one question that many individuals had, regarding who would eventually prevail? There were debates discussing interstate commerce and whether the use of medical marijuana was a part of this debate as it was grown in the state of California, but could this event affect other states? Did Congress truly have the power to regulate medical marijuana, as it was not explicitly written out in the Constitution? Well, after truly interpreting the case and understanding the facts, I do feel that I would have ruled the case to be in the hands of the states. The case that was presented before the Supreme Court concerning the use of medical marijuana was a rather odd, but very justifiable case. In 1996, the citizens of California voted that they would prefer to have medical marijuana as they saw that the use of this drug was more beneficial rather than harmful. Taking a look at the Declaration of Independence, you see one of the famous clauses, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and what does this really mean? The purpose of the constitution was to protect people from any form of government from infringing upon unalienable rights. If medical marijuana is for people to have life, then why would this also be a question that is presented in the courts as the topic is basically about…

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