Should Medical Marijuana Be Used as a Medical Option? Essay

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Should marijuana be used as a medical option?

Should marijuana be used as a medical option?
Researchers suggest that marijuana’s active components are potentially effective in treating pain, nausea, and vomiting. Anti-emetics are also effective against vomiting and nausea; doctors can also prescribe painkillers to treat pain if necessary. Why should the United States need to legalize marijuana? Chronic use of marijuana can have negative effects. Prolonged use of marijuana can cause lung damage, mental health issues, impair cognitive abilities, there is a high potential for abuse and it is illegal. Medical marijuana should not be used for medical purposes because it does more harm than good.
Any type of smoke, when it is inhaled
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Marijuana is what some people call a gateway drug. All medications after prolonged use may have some sort of side effect but, patients are carefully monitored on most medications by completing blood work. Doctors can safely lower or raise your dose according to the blood work report and what you tell them. If the medication is no longer working a physician can prescribe something a little stronger according to your needs. Prolonged use of any drug can make a person build up a tolerance. Eventually when using marijuana as a medical treatment it will no longer have the same immediate relief affects. What comes after the marijuana crack? If marijuana becomes legalized, eventually someone will create a study that says crack cocaine relieves their pain too. Which it probably does because, it is a way for some to escape reality. If a person is doped up, they can very easily forget about the pain because they are stoned. There is no sure way to measure the dosage of marijuana if it was used for medical purposes, if the first couple of buds don’t relieve the pain, the next step would be to take a few more buds and continue getting wasted. There is no way to determine how much is too much or how much isn’t enough it should not be prescribed by a physician.
Marijuana can create unexpected health issues,

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