Essay about Should Our Nation Legalize Marijuana?

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Should our nation legalize marijuana?

Legalizing marijuana seems inevitable with the Liberals winning a majority government in Canada. What a time to be alive for Canadians because the long reign of Stephen Harper is over. The time is long overdue and for the better we should indeed remove the marijuana prohibition in Canada because; marijuana is medically beneficial, lowers crime rate, and contribute a lot to the economic cycle.

One of the most controversial issues of marijuana is its effects on the human body. The truth is there are more pros than cons when smoking marijuana. Firstly, everyone assumes marijuana kills brain cells because society associates marijuana users with people that has low IQ. Ultimately, it has been proven long-term and even daily usage, that marijuana doesn 't do any physiological damage to the brain. Barbara J.Weiland of Journal of Neuroscience inforum us "There is no association between marijuana use and standard volumetric or shape measurements of subcortical structures." Establishing that research shows marijuana doesn 't do physiological damage to the brain. Whereas tobacco comparable to marijuana kills brain cells and yet it 's legal? Also a small amount of tobacco has significant negative effects on lung function and surprisingly marijuana does not, even high usage of marijuana does nothing to lung functions. Let 's compare mortality rate between the two. Worldwide tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year but marijuana, on the…

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