Technology and Communication Essays

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Impact of technology is both positive and negative. Logically thinking, technology has since

been better in the communication process and done negligible harm. Development of technology has

considerably improved our lifestyle. It has made its impact felt on each and every aspect of life,

including communication technology. Invention of Alexander Graham Bell in 1875, the first inventor

that impacted communication in humans to a massive extent.

Impact of technolgy on the communication process, also comes as a mixed baggage. Daily

routine of a person, the day begins with a “good morning” text and ends in a “good night” text. All

done on a mobile application for smartphones. On the same application
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The reason communication nowadays is cheaper is due to our needs as humans. Human

interactions are unlimited , as it could be done by anybody, anytime and any place through their means.

Some positive impacts of technology in communication: 1) no barriers- mobils and emails come in

handy 2)strength and relations- keep in touch with old contacts 3) better solutions- brought the

world closer and promoted exchange of thoughts to find a better solution to any problem 4) e-schools-

video conferencing gives best education to students via an expert faculty on the web 5) impact on

relations- technology rationale behind success of long distance relationships 6) development-

technological advancements in the modes of communication have promoted a faster decision making

and led to development and progress of the world. Video conferencing has played a considerate role

in promoting faster decision making.

Negative impacts of technology in communication: The world is missing the charm of a good

old face to face conversation. It has gone away and has been replaced by texting or chatting. 1)

impact on interpersonal communication- lacks essential interpersonal skills 2) effect on non verbal

communication- technological means, have also affected non verbal grasping power of individuals

3) near yet far- teenagers, especially are always hooked on the social networking scene. The gap

between their them and their

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