The Death Of A State Legal Medical Marijuana Company Essay

1283 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
In the fall of 2012 I stood trial in federal court. All of the charges against me originated from my ownership of a state legal medical marijuana company in Montana. Even after many years in prison my memories of the trial are vivid. Going to trial in federal court is like a bloody battle for your freedom. The stress is palpable and my perception of time slowed down. The adrenaline rocked my body, my mouth was so dry my tongue was stuck to its roof like plaster. While standing in front of the judge and jury I felt alone. Then as my former business partners, some staff members and friends testified against me, I knew I was alone.

I hear them called by many names; informant, rat, and snitch are just a few. In prison they are the lowest form of life. With such universal disdain of snitches, you may wonder, why are they so common? To begin to understand you must know that snitches are controlled by fear. This fear creates a swell of betrayal in a persons nature. Unfortunately the current structure of our criminal justice system propagates this tragic aspect of human nature. I know this fear, I am sure you can imagine it, losing your freedom, destroying your family, all of your life turned on its head, this would create fear in anyone. The difference is that a snitch will let this fear control them, while others will take responsibility for their actions and stay in control of these emotions. Snitches are cowards who have refused to accept the punishment for their actions.


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