The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay

1164 Words Apr 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Last Meal Across America the death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is legal inthirty-one states and illegal in nineteen states (including DC). The first time the death penalty was used in America was in 1608, there were no prisons and the death penalty was the standard form of punishment at the time (ProQuest). Captain George Kendall was the first recorded execution in early America (ProQuest). Indiana has a state penitentiary that has used the death penalty on numerous occasions, the most recent being Timothy McVeigh in 2001 for his bombing in Oklahoma (ProQuest). The death penalty should be legal in all states because there are economic benefits as well as the fact that murderers deserve their fate. There are economic benefits to the death penalty being legal across America. At the least death penalty cost $2 million per case (Sharp). “Justice for all estimates that life without parole cases will cost $1.2 million-$3.6 million . . .” (Sharp). Those who have death penalty sentences are in jail for less time than those who have life without parole sentences. Therefore, not using as much of the governments’ money as those currently in jail and in turn will boost the economy. With capital punishment there are costs for the trial, holding afterwards, and the costs of the actual execution. Life in prison has constant costs, and over time will continue to add up over time with the way the American prisons are glorified. Over time the cost of the death penalty might…

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