Essay about The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Capital punishment, the United States law that is enforced on society’s most dangerous criminals such as rapist and murderers to “ensure” the safety of citizen and deter crimes as promised. As of right now, there are thirty eight states in the United States that have a death penalty and the cost of the death penalty for each state is different but one thing in similar is it’s not worth spending so much money on killing somebody that could face a better way of punishment. Many believe that the death penalty benefits outweigh its costs because it has been there for centuries. "The death penalty should not be a utilitarian issue in terms of weighing the costs against the benefits, but rather an issue simply of justice, of who deserves it.”(Jon) The main issue is does death penalty benefits outweigh the cost of it, and the efficiency of it. Benefits and costs of the death penalty must be evaluated carefully to see which side is better. Economic wise, society should only use capital punishment if death penalty benefits outweigh the costs of it which it does not because, the death penalty benefits do not outweigh the cost to execute a capital criminal. The total costs of a capital case, beginning with the investigation costs and ending with the execution costs, are estimated to range in the millions of dollars. When all costs are considered, the death penalty costs a state several million dollars per case. However, even when all of these costs are incurred in a trial and appeals…

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