Training Essay

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The first thing I would do in the training seminar is a documentary program. This is where employees would learn about each foreign country’s history, culture, institutions, geography, and economics. I would use videotaped and Web-based presentations to help the employees get a visual understanding of each company’s culture. (Kreitner, 2009, p. 107) In doing this, I could focus on each aspect of the business and how it is interpreted in a foreign country. For example, I would have them watch the previous day’s news on the Web so if a client wanted to talk about current news, my sales personnel and executives would know what they are talking about. It is important to know what the current events are. It can be local sports news, the …show more content…
Mastering foreign languages and intercultural relations is a way of maximizing your chances of professional success. International trade is today about selling, but also about organizing. Cultural differences have a dual impact on the management of organizations. (Language and intercultural training, 2012) Speaking a common language such as English does not guarantee effective communication. It is also important to be aware of the different behavior, attitudes and values of people from different cultures. Many organizations are now investing heavily in providing staff with language lessons in order to be able to crack foreign markets as well as providing cultural sensitivity training to address issues such as etiquette, protocol, communication styles and negotiation approaches. In a competitive world such businesses appreciate that greater cultural sensitivity will assist them in forging longer and more prosperous relationships. I think all employees should have awareness of the impact of one’s actions on others in cross-cultural situations. Here is an example of how a lack of cultural sensitivity led to failure. The fast food giant McDonald's spent thousands on a new TV ad to target the Chinese consumer. The ad showed a Chinese man kneeling before a McDonald's vendor and begging him to accept his expired discount coupon. The ad was pulled due to a lack of

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