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Water in the UAE
Impact Achievements and Ways Forward

Water is the resource that sustains all life on earth and is a key element of sustainable development. It is essential if human beings are to enjoy healthy and safe lives or realize social and economic development. Ecosystems are also inextricably linked with water.
Water sustains humans’ health, food production, and economic development. But only 3 percent of Earth’s water is salt-free, or fresh water. Moreover, nearly 70 percent of fresh water is locked in glaciers and icebergs, and is not available for human use. The fresh water that is available comes from rain or
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There are at least 1.1 billion people without access to a safe water supply and about 2.5 billion without adequate sanitation systems and the majority of them live in developing countries.
Crisis with regard to water also casts a shadow on sustainable development in Asia and North Africa. Water scarcity impacts food availability, human health, livelihoods and also economic development. The conservation of and environmentally-sound use of freshwater resources is the crucial element for socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.
In most regions of Asia, water availability has rapidly decreased. While Asia has the world’s highest rate of increase of water withdrawal, water availability per capita ranks as least in the world - 4,200m3/capita per year - a little more than half the world average of 7,000m3.
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the most water-scarce region of the world. Home to 6.3 percent of the world’s population, the region contains only 1.4 percent of the world’s renewable fresh water. As population pressures in the region increase, the demand for water resources rises. The true challenge is meeting this demand given scarce water resources.
Country strategies to deal with water shortages depend on local conditions, including topography, the extent of water scarcity, available financial resources, and technical

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