Why Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

817 Words Mar 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Every year 2.3 million of couples get married but 1.2 get divorce too. It’s too easy to get married that people married just cause and divorce immediately. Marriage should be harder to be obtain because it will make marriages longers, reduce the divorce rate and domestic abuse. If we make marriages harder to obtain , it will result in marriages lasting longer and will truly live up to their “till death do us part” vows. In a research they found “(PREP) strongly suggest that couples can learn skills and enhance ways of thinking -- prior to marriage-- that significantly improve the odds of having a good marriage “(Stanle, 4). This shows that, if it was needed to train before marriage it could have a positive effect in the future of the marriage. This marriages that had to learn before getting married will have a nice and long marriage. Also “If the parties were forced to consider the legal consequences of their marriages fewer would get married. However, those marriage which did take place would tend to endure happily ever” (Green,1). Couples will have time thinking if they really won’t get marry while going thrown all the steps and some may realize they don’t want to get married. If the couple tries to get married with all the extra work it shows that they will have a successful and long marriage. With longer and happy marriages, healthy families will be create and the rate of divorce will reduce. Since marriages will be harder to obtain it means that there will be less…

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