Why Should Not Be Legal? Essay

820 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
You may here that we should expunge some criminals’ records because they have completed their sentence, probation, or court ordered counseling. Maybe, now they are rehabilitated, not a drug addict, not violent, not a sexual predator, or maybe, they are that rare innocent person that was wrongly accused. Who should be expunged? Should we be compassionate that a criminal feels like he or she are being mistreated or is labeled as a dangerous person because they have a criminal record? Remember, they made the choices that put them where they are. Am I supposed to lose sleep because they cannot find a job? Or when they find a job they are told we do not hire ex-convicts here. Sorry, you served time in a jail, but we do not have any housing to offer you. Oh, the college will not accept you into its academic program because of your criminal past. My question is who is looking out for the victims that these wolves attacked. Remember who the real victim is, the person that had their life changed because of some criminal minded person. Get this, a teenager with his white friends at a beach in 1986 decided to harass a group of kids, fourth-graders, on a field trip, they were mostly black. He and his white friends threw rocks and shouted racial slurs as they ran the kids off. Kristyn Atwood was one of those fourth-graders, and can still remember her heart pounding in her chest as she ran for her life. Not only does she have physical scars to this day from being hit by rocks, but has a…

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