Essay about Why Tobacco Is Legal And Marijuana

880 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
One of the biggest questions asked about the tobacco industry is why tobacco is legal and marijuana not. Marijuana is highly looked at as a bad recreational drug, although no studies have proven it to cause any harm. On the other hand tobacco is very harmful with causing cancer, pregnancy defects and death. Basically the main reason for this is because the way marijuana is viewed by the public.When people think about marijuana they also think and compare it to other drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroin, because society has the perception that marijuana is the gateway drugs to the rest. When it comes to smoking tobacco cigarettes, society does not always see it as harmful because they have been blinded by the advertising and even the hidden promoting done; for example, in movies when they have characters smoking or celebrities that are captured in photographs randomly taking a puff. This is seen by the public and motivates them to think it 's okay. Many people are also influenced when drinking is involved, maybe at a get together or a bar. When intoxicated it is easier for someone to be influenced by another person that is a smoker. Even though people know about the dangers of tobacco the public is already used to the purchase of cigarettes and many people are already addicted.
In the end the main reason tobacco is still legal is mainly because of the tax revenue it brings into the government and will keep bringing in because taxes will only get higher for tobacco. Also…

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