Wolf Elmore Brewer, Inc. Essay

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Wolf Elmore Brewer, Inc. ---- Alex’s Difficult Decision Alex Wolf, the founder of Wolf Elmore Brewer, Inc., and as he is getting old also the company is in a stably increasing situation, at present Alex is considering to retire and leave his company to other person. Alex’s partners Jim Elmore and Jack Brewer, the loyal employees who both worked for this company nearly ten years, is the highest potential candidate in Alex’s list. They were promoted to vice-presidents in 2004, both of them are trying their best to help company’s development and they have their own responsibility field in the company. All the things is under Alex’s control for such long time, it would be tough to change a leader in the company; in the meanwhile, …show more content…
They only could meet each other during the conferences and meetings and the content was only about working. When they didn’t put private emotion and relationship into their conversation it was hard for them to know or understand others thoughts and ideas beyond work and job, the barriers emerged. Silence is the most horrible barrier that they are facing, it directly slow down the company’s speed and caused the information absence among the team. For instance, Jack is away from Alex and Jim so he could not share his thoughts with them and other people also can’t understand his behaviors because of lacking of information and communication. The communication among them seems getting worse, but one thing that Jim and Jack are doing great is they give the feedback quickly, if they want to share the information upward to Alex they always can do it efficient. Alex recognizes both Jim and Jack are skillful partners, they all have the capacity to maintain company normally working. However, Jim and Jack are focusing on different area in company. Jim is focusing on the relationship with clients and state, most time he is doing managing for company and helping Alex as his “right hand”. And Jack always pays attention to design and technique field. His works helped company get good reputation in Portland. In the way of Alex thinking, Jim is a

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